Movin' On

It is done. We are moved into our new house. This week has been crazy. It's not been so much stressful as it was exhausting. I seriously do not know how hermit crabs do it. If I were a hermit crab I would never move houses. I would just stay in my old one, even if it squeezed me in all the wrong places and made me look fat.

Somehow, extreme pregnancy and moving a house just does not mix. You would think that it would, but it does not. Of course, technically, we are not completely moved. I still have a ton of non-essential boxes in the old house. I have things that still need going through and things that need to be junked.

I hired movers for all the big stuff, but I was responsible for getting all our super-essentials into the new house. And since my husband started a new job recently he couldn't really take the time off during the week for the move. And yes, I scheduled it during the week on purpose - because my crazy nesting instincts are running overtime, and I needed to be in the new place ASAP. So I kind of brought it all on myself.

Thankfully, a trip to the chiropractor revived me after the big move. I don't know if you are believer in chiros, but I always thought it was a bit of pseudo-science and hocus pocus. In other words, in the past I never would have gone to one. And the first time I walked into my chiro's office, her glitter lava lamp and glowing rock lamp almost sent me right back out the way I came. But I was there on the recommendation of my doula, and she said it would help me have a good birth. So I went through with it. And you know what? The next day was the best, most energetic, happiest day I'd had in months. Go fig. So now I am a big believer in the helpfulness and efficacy of going to a chiropracter.

Well, that's all for now. Super boring post, I know. But I figured I ought to at least write a little bit of an update. I am working on my Las Vegas kid-friendly Halloween events post for all you moms and dads who love Halloween more than your kids. Yeah, you need your kids to be the shield that legitimizes your being so into Halloween. I know because I am one of "those" people too.


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