Tina Fey at Green Valley Ranch

Since we moved so close to the District at Green Valley Ranch, and the weather has been nice, we are able to actually walk over there without too much effort. A sudden burst of energy over the last few days (a sign of imminent labor perhaps??) also contributed to us being able to walk over there the last two nights.

Tonight, though, instead of a band there was a DJ leading all the kids in the spongy play area in a rousing version of the Hokey Pokey. We were having dinner outside at Rachel's Cafe and enjoying the ridiculously perfect weather while this was going on, so we heard it but didn't get over there until after we finished eating. By that time, the DJ had moved on to more "adult" music for the kids and parents crowd. In other words, very urban pop music.

Can I just say how fascinating people-watching is? One little girl of about 7 years of age was busting some serious dance moves - I am sure I recognized some of them from past Madonna or Janet Jackson videos. Which these days no doubt translate into Britney Spears or Justin Bieber moves. Not that I have seen much of those pop stars dancing lately since I don't have a TV anymore, but it looked about right. It actually made me cringe to see such a little girl dancing like that.

But the best part was the DJ. During the pop songs, she was also bustin' some moves. Some kind of sexy, hip-shaking moves. She was into it. Which no doubt is part of her job, to keep the energy flowing. But the really funny thing was how incongruous her appearance was with her dance moves.

She looked like a housewife. Actually, she looked like Tina Fey portraying a house wife. Have you ever seen Tina Fey's Liz Lemon character dancing? It was kind of like that. She had the frizzy mouse-brown hair and glasses. And a shirt that looked a lot like one of my maternity shirts, except super low cut. Its a cute shirt, I would totally wear it and feel cool. It's just a maternal-looking one.

So think about watching Liz Lemon dancing sexy after a bad, hectic day at the 30 Rock studios. It would probably amuse you, wouldn't it. Well, this amused me too. Not in a mean way - though I know it probably sounds mean. But in a really funny, pleasant, "you go, girl!" kind of way. I love to see people enjoying themselves and being comfortable in their own skin. Mostly because I have always been too uptight and uncomfortable in my own skin to achieve that sort of public freedom of movement.

Maybe secretly I have always been scared that if I did dance like no one was watching I would end up the focus of someone's blog post. But you know what? I bet she was having a great time. And I know for a fact all the kids and parents were. So maybe the bottom line is - I need to take a page from this woman's book.

PS - I LOVE living in Green Valley.


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