My belly has popped out, ALREADY. I was expecting it, of course. Even with my first baby, at my thinnest (granted, my thinnest was still like 20 pounds overweight), the very second I was pregnant, my pants fit too tightly. The second pregnancy had me popping out around the same time.

This time around, it took a little longer, probably because I had a little more muscle tone or because I tried to suck in the gut more diligently or because my clothes is of stretchier fabric. But there comes a point when you just can't suck it in and your clothes hide nothing.

My 3 month pregnant belly looks more like a 6 month pregnant belly. Especially right after I have eaten a meal. I am like a boa constrictor that ate a lamb. Or a small goat. By the time I get into my third trimester it will be like I swallowed a cow. Its true, you can see for yourself.

But I really should not complain too much, the truth is that this pregnancy is already worlds easier than the last one. I just started my second trimester this week, and I already feel much better. This is also a departure from the first two times because back then it took until the end of the 4th month for the horror to subside. This time, I didn't even have the first trimester horror. I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

I wonder if this means I am going to have a boy??


  1. i constantly look like i'm 6 months pregnant, so quit yer whinin'. :)
    kidding, of course! i would never ever dare cross a pregnant woman. i value my life too much. let's see a pic!

  2. er, emm... uh... a pic? Wellll.... one thing is writing about it, another thing is actually showing it to all the world! :)


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