Tragedy Strikes

So my dog Princess, the one that hates me, has been particularly odious to me since I have been pregnant. She smells awful to my sensitive pregnant nose, and she just generally disgusts and revolts me in a way that is quite surprising.

I wanted send her to live with a friend of mine until I have the baby and I regain my emotional self-control. But then tragedy struck.

Phillip accidentally stepped on her paw (because she likes to be in the way and trip people up whenever possible, and she will strategize about how to be in the most inconvenient place possible). She yelped, which she never does even when we do accidentally trip over her or step on a paw. And when he tried to check her out she positively yowled and tried to bite him (a major, unbelievable, incredible, stunning departure of character for this dog, who never EVER bites -she will barely bite her own dog food).

She could not put weight on it and limped, so obviously something was very wrong. We spent 3 hours at the animal hospital (apparently the ER conspiracy to make you waste the maximum amount of time extends to animal hospitals) and found that not only does she have a dislocated hip due to a defective hip socket she also happened to have an infection in her uterus in the very early stages. $500 later we knew we would have to pay for two different surgeries to fix her.

And guess how much that is estimated to cost?  


That is a whole lot of spare change.  More spare change than I have at the moment, considering I still have to pay for my baby to be born at a hospital (yeah, my insurance sucks). So the other option would be to send her to "a farm" to run around grassy fields to play with the other dogs... forever.

Instead, I opted for option #3 which is to post her on Craigslist, explain that she is a great family dog but that she has about $2,000 in medical expenses and see if someone would bite. Within the hour, someone had bitten. Whew!

So we have given her away now, and I think she is in good hands. She went to a family with 5 children, and they are obviously knowledgeable about dogs and care a great deal about pets. I believe his exact words were, "I know it will be $2,000 but she's worth it."

Sure, whatever. Peace out, dog.

Let's take a moment to remember her.

Sigh....The truth is if I actually had the money I would have paid it to make her well. Ivy's meltdown when we told her she was going to a new home was heartbreaking. She kept petting her and sobbing, "I'll never see you again, Princess! Oh, Princess, Princess!" I myself may possibly have wept a little to see my child so upset, though actually I am neither confirming or denying whether or not I did. I am just saying, maybe.

But this is a good family who will pay beaucoup bucks to keep her well, so I think all is well that ends well. I did the right thing. Right?


  1. you do what you gotta do, mama. i'm sure it was hard for everyone.

  2. Thanks guys... I questioned myself, but then again, what else could I have done?

  3. I think you definitely did the right thing - she was adopted by a wonderful family and I don't thin you should doubt yourself for one minute. Ivy is little and can't understand but she will be fine.

    Question (and I'm only asking because I'm quite cynical): How do you know they are actually going to take care of her and her medical expenses?

    BTW - it's Laura, I'm just too lazy to sign on :)


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