What I Wore Sunday

Even though I haven't done one of these posts in a long time, and I cannot remember if I ever posted this outfit, I've decided to go for it!

I have recently lost about 12 lbs since the baby was born, and I am happy to fit back in some of my pre-preg dresses. This is pre-hair/makeup so I have this weird "old lady chipmunk" face happening, so just ignore that part.

Up until this point I've been feeling frumpy with what I wear to Mass - plain skirts and plain solid tops, jazzed up with chunky necklaces, and flats that make my feet look like burritos. Not loving that look. So I'm excited to wear a dress and high heels to Mass again! Voila!

Dress: From good ol' JC Pennies, Robbie B brand
Bolero: Worthington (Pennies, too I think!)
Shoes: Dress Barn from about 10 years ago
Necklace: Hard to see, but its a small heart made of a South American stone called "Rosa de las Incas". It belonged to my Argentine grandmother 

And since I am still working on getting used to wearing heels again, these are my pre/post-Mass flip flops, By Guess. I fully acknowledge they are the silliest pair of flip flops that I own, but they make me happy.


And, because PJ is just plain cute, he is joining us today as well in an adorable Janie and Jack airplane romper!

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  1. So cute! I'll be posting mine soon!

  2. What a fun dress! That color is great on you :) But the baby in the romper!!! Oh, that makes me so excited to have another baby boy :)

  3. Visiting from wiws link up. Thank you for visiting my blog. Disisd.com :)

  4. Your babies are so adorable. Love their uniform ;)
    Good luck to both of us, serving during Mass while we have our crew. It does take a village to raise children. I'm glad I have friend and family close by. We are both blessed!

  5. I have a pair of peep-toe cork wedges I love to wear to Mass, but they are for Mass *only*! I can't drive in them (or walk for very long beyond the hour-ish of Mass), so I wear plain Old Navy flip-flops there and home. I think we've got a good plan going!

    1. The cutest shoes are usually the "Mass only" kind aren't they!! Flip flops are a must!


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