What I Wore Sunday: It fits!!!

I'm not sure what's going on at Fine Linen and Purple, but they don't have the link up today! I am going link up on last week's. (Update: The linky is up! I am current, woo!)

This is what I wore today, the normal shot:

And the too much coffee shot:

 The skirt is Dress Barn, and I am excited to announce that since I had my baby 5 months ago, I have not been able to zip it up all the way - until today!!!

Since I got rid of anything too shabby or worn when I got pregs with PJ, and all my other clothes is maternity, my regular size clothes is limited. I need to build up the ol' wardrobe again. All I had was this T-shirt material top that is white with a light blue print on the front. Also, haven't fit into it until today! Big day for me. It was not matching exactly, but the best I could do until I can go shopping again. So I wore a little cardigan over it and hoped for the best. Shoes are Nine West from about 150 years ago. Possibly 200 years, more or less.

High heels again, yay. Still had to do the pre/post-Mass flip flops but I'm working on it. More weight I lose, the easier it will be I am sure.


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