Oh my goodness, I am just dying right now. I found this website for traditional children's clothing and its AHHHMAAZZZINNNG!!!! Its called The Wooden Soldier and it has all sort of gorgeous stuff like girls smocked dresses, and gorgeous winter coats with actual, old-fashioned muffs!!! Look!

I mean, its like out of a Disney movie or something! This one reminds me of Beauty and the Beast:

 And they have all sorts of outfits, including Easter and Christmas outfits, for all the kids to match! Check out their Matching section. MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE. TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS!!!

Some of these remind me of the Von Trapp Family! And I absolutely want every last thing on this website for my kids!

I just.. I can't even... look - matching sailor outfits!!

I wish it weren't so pricey, but they are like movie set quality in my opinion. I bet people buy these to take family photos. Hmmm, WE are planning a family photo session soon...hmmmmm.....

Go to the website and look around, they even sell toys. Its like a store from a bygone era, a gentler world. Maybe that's why I love it so much. Go on, see for yourself, shoo! And tell me what you think!


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