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Do you have any idea what it's like to have a chicken dance on your face? Or wear giant Hot Pockets on your hands? ...No? Well, up until this week neither did I. But now I can honestly say I have experienced life to its fullest. No - I'm not referring to delusions brought on by illegal narcotics even though it sort of sounds like I am.

This very odd-sounding experience was actually not that odd. In fact, it was stunningly fantastic. Again, not drugs.

The truth is that I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation by Euphoria Salon and Day Spa to come and try out their spa services. I've been going to Euphoria for several years for haircuts and manicures (love!), but had never tried out their spa services. 

"Would you come get a massage and facial?" they asked.

Um, yes. Yes I will.

They treated me to a Mom's Escape Package, which consisted of the Classic Facial (50 minutes) and a Swedish Massage (also 50 minutes). As a mom of 3, including a newborn, trust me - I needed to escape for a little while!

My massage was absolutely world-class, and having been to several resort spas on the Strip I had something to compare it with. It was fantastic! But the real deal was the facial. This is where the chicken and the Hot Pockets come into play. I had never had a facial before, having always chosen massages over any other spa treatments.

And now I am so sorry I never tried a facial because it. was. awesome.

My aesthetician Vonya started me out with warm steam blowing gently onto my face to prep me for a cleansing. Vonya spent some time layering and lathering cleansing products on my face, followed by exfoliation and moisturizer. There were also "extractions", which sounds scary but really isn't.

On to the chicken. One of my favorite parts of the facial was this fluttering little massage she did with her fingertips. She did the flutter massage all over my face, tapping her fingers rapidly across my forehead, cheeks and chin - and it felt like a chicken was dancing around on my face. Or at least what I imagine that would feel like. Except far more sanitary and relaxing. Because if a chicken were actually dancing on my face, two things would be running through my head:

1) How in the world did this chicken learn to actually dance, she's really got the "beat"!  and,
2) Oh geez, I don't know where your feet have been...actually, I can imagine where they've been and its grossing me out right now.

And I feel fairly confident that would not be as conducive to rest and relaxation in the way a world-class facial is.

The other bit of awesome was that the facial also consisted of a massage on my arms and hands, and she even put a special moisturizer on my hands. Then, to seal in the moisture she put on these heated mitts that looked like giant Hot Pockets. It was heavenly! In fact, I actually drifted off to sleep for a for a few minutes there.

Between the massage and the facial, by the time I left Euphoria my skin was glowing and I looked 10 years younger. I came back home feeling relaxed and refreshed and prepared to deal with the stresses and challenges of motherhood. In fact, when I got home I was actually sweet to my kids. Yeah, I know.

So I am going give Euphoria's Mom's Escape Package:

In fact, I am going to go ahead and say that this spa package is a must do on your Christmas shopping list.  Be sure to "Like" Euphoria on Facebook to get discounts and coupons to make the whole thing even sweeter.

Give the woman in your life a real gift - whether it's your own mom or your BFF. And if you are a mom yourself, clue your hubby in to what you really want for Christmas. Escape. If only for a couple of hours to have a chicken dance on your face and to wear giant Hot Pockets. Who needs drugs when you have the spa?


  1. I love Euphoria, but have not been in so long. Really need a good massage... maybe Santa will bring one to momma this year? ;) I am super happy you got treated to a nice treat though; you deserve it!

  2. Awesome! I went and tried out the same package earlier this year - they made a forever client out of me. Customer service was AWESOME!

  3. I haven't been to Euphoria in a long time, but this has given me the inspiration to go again! Glad you enjoyed!! You deserve it!

  4. I could seriously use a facial and massage. I can tell my body is craving that ability to relax and get rid of some toxins. Just wish I could afford it. LOL.

    Glad you had a great time and enjoyed some much needed R&R.

  5. Happy Happy times!! I am a spa junkie so I'm always looking for hot spots around town. Thanks for the review!


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