Reason #8,942 Why I Love My Husband

Violet got sick these last few days, and sleep has been patchy at best. This morning, Rose decided to add to the sleeplessness by waking up for the day at 6am. Painful.

Phillip took Rose out of the room and kept her with him while he got ready for work and fed Ivy, and then he kissed us all goodbye and went marching off in the world to bring us home some bacon.

I finally dragged myself out of bed, and walked into the kitchen to find this:

Um, those are tiny little boxes!! I know what's in tiny boxes...tiny shiny things! I am like a crow.

Not in that I am creepy and I hop in slow motion, but in that I love shiny things.

I opened it all up (the card was propped up in the back by a box of chocolate), and you know what? I suddenly didn't care that I hadn't slept. I am married to the best husband ever. 

You can't see it on the card because the chocolate (raspberry filled, my fave) is blocking it but the girl is holding a knife. Ha! He knows me well.

For the girls, he got beautiful little crucifix necklaces (since the greatest love of all was Jesus' love for us) and chocolate as well. He is a wonderful husband, but an even more wonderful father to the girls.

I hope your Valentine's day is as great as ours.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. YAY for great husbands! :)
    ~ Laura

  2. DOUBLE-YAY for great husbands (of which, I hope to be one someday....)!

  3. Edgar, you will be an EXCELLENT husband some day, I know it!

  4. I had told my husband of 5 years that it would show the thoughtfulness of his gifts if he could choose them a bit sooner than the last minute... Like the night before or morning of... This year I got a dollar store music box that didn't play, a rose from the grocery store and a set of bangles (from target or walmart) a card (that was actually signed this time) and the store packed chocolate dipped strawberries (sitting in that crunchy crinkled paper shred you have to pick off the bottoms)... I am materialistic, I don't place possessions very high in value, regardless of their cost. I do, however believe strongly that the person receiving a gift should feel like there was more behind it than the routine of going through the motion... I even told him that im just not interested in all the cliche valentines gifts, like flowers and chocolates...MAKE me a valentines card, WRITE me a poem or letter, DO something special for me, GIVE me a massage, PLAN something.... Or maybe he could have finished the project(s) initiated and never done... Like my favorite (very unique old wooden chair covered by artwork and portraits of life, things and people of African american heritage, I LOVED!!! that chair) until I came home one day to find that he had stripped and sanded all of its unique beauty away because he thought I might like it finish with a wood stain like our other household furniture !!!! (GASp!!!? WTF???) so thar poor unfinished chair sits violated and alone in a corner of the garage as with each passing holiday I suggest it finished as my gift, its yet to see that day arrive. Although, a couple months ago, he and my daughter did work on recreating the previous affect... With my supply of tissue paper... It was a short lived single attempt since that first devastating blow... Why has my prince charming

    1. Hmm... Maybe he shows his love in other ways? We all have different ways of expressing love. And not just on one holiday a year! Is there other ways he shows he cares?


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