White Eyebrows

The other day as I was putting on makeup, or what I like to call my "face", I found a white eyebrow hair. WHITE. It was the weirdest thing I had experienced in a while, and that is surely saying something considering I just gave birth not too long ago. Pregnancy, labor and birth is pretty darn weird.

I realize that having kids ages you from the inside out. Lack of sleep, extreme exercise of the patience muscle, and being on your feet all day tending to the house and kids will make you feel a hundred years old, even though when you see a picture of yourself you are surprised at how young you actually look.  But I was not expecting a white hair. I was especially not expecting a white eyebrow hair.

I don't know about you, but my eyebrows are the window to my soul. No, not my eyes. My eyes are just sort of there. But my eyebrows express the full spectrum of emotion and feeling. They snap down in anger. Jump up in surprise. Lift up to smile. Sometimes they go rogue and only one will lift up, to express slyness. Its quite the range, really. So when one of my eyebrow hairs turns white I am led to believe that I have so aged that I am probably near to the end. Close to kicking the bucket, I mean. Mort.

The point is, I found it totally disturbing to have a white eyebrow hair. Is this the beginning of the spread of white hair? Should I be a grandparent by now or something? Did I somehow miscalculate my age? Am I about to go salt and pepper? Because that's only dignified in men. If it happens to women you're considered a good candidate for hair dye.

But I am not going to tint my eyebrow hair. I plucked that bad boy out like the weed that it is. Had I left it, it surely would have spread. It would have been my fate to have Santa Claus eyebrows. In the middle of summer, what's worse. I could see it being ok in winter. But in summer? No way.

And now that I have shared my eyebrow saga, I am not really sure how to exit this blog post gracefully. Here, puppies!


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