Being Cute as a Survival Mechanism

I really think that children are cute to help them survive and to make their parents want to keep them around.

After the bad day that I posted about last month, which was just one day in a long string of bad days, I realized that what I needed was a fresh start. I went to confession.

It was a huge relief, and helped me to turn a new leaf in my parenting. The priest gave me a wonderful reading - Colossians 3: 1-17. Look it up if you are a mom struggling to keep patience with your kids, it will totally help you get a grip.

After going to confession I felt I could see my kids more clearly for the wonderful people that they are. They sure are adorable. Maybe having my soul cleansed removed all the gunk preventing me from seeing the beauty of God's creation. How could I ever be angry at such cute children, even if they don't let me sleep? These kids were saying the most adorable things and looking all sweet and tender. They were shooting Cutie Pie Missiles at my heart and I was waving the white flag of surrender. If you are wondering, Cutie Pie Missiles are basically doe-eyed angels wearing puffy cotton candy hearts on their lapels. It hits ya right in the old ticker.

I have this theory that their cuteness is probably a survival mechanism. I mean, really, how could you ever resist this?


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    1. Right?!?! Due to their cuteness I'll never ever toss them out the window no matter how mad I get. ;)


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