Pinot's Palette Town Square

The twins have been born!! In case you are wondering why I have been posting so little lately, this explains my absence. It's pretty amazing to snuggle two fuzzy baby heads instead of just one! But... it is also twice the work. Because of this, the sleepless nights and monotony of daily life tend to take their toll. Add into the mix 4 other children, whom I homeschool, and you get a mama who is in need of a good night out with friends. I have yet to attend a paint and sip studio, but I am kinda dying to get to one! The idea of relaxing with friends and having a chance to paint with something other than finger paints is very appealing to me right now.

A little birdie told me that Pinot's Palette is opening a new location at one of my favorite spots - Town Square. In fact, it seems they're partnering with St. Jude's Research Hospital for their opening weekend on April 7th and 8th. I love a successful company that finds ways to pass on their good fortune, don't you?

If you sign up for either of the two hour 7pm classes on Friday or Saturday for $39, they will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to St. Jude. To sign up for Friday's class, go to "Pinot in Paradse". To sign up for Saturday's event, go to "Wild Wine Night". It's especially nice to know that your fun night out is for a good cause.

And by the way, I also noticed that they have a Family Day on April 11th and 13th! Super fun....  they get to paint a kitty or a ladybug depending on what day you go.

And now that you have the important details on a good time out with friends, I think you need one more picture of my babies, just for fun!

Hopefully I can keep the blog updated more frequently, because although I used to journal consistently in a beautiful leather bound journal from Florence, Italy, these days I don't have time to sit down with a cup of hot tea and a favorite pen to recount all the details of my life for posterity. It seems much easier to just type up something on the blog in a jiffy when I am already on the computer checking email. And I am discovering that it is so much fun to go back and read old posts. So, raise your glass of pinot and let's toast to painting, blogging and babies. Cheers!


  1. Oh my goodness! The twins are adorable! I'm sure you're in pure bliss with them. I know it must be a lot of work, especially with the other kids. I'm sure you'll get a groove and systems in place with time. Just hang in there! You're a strong woman!

    1. Thanks! Definitely challenging, but so worth it!! :)


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