Daddy-Daughter Valentine's Dance

So Phillip and Ivy went to a Valentine's Day dance at Black Mountain Rec Center, a dance that celebrates the tender love of a father for his little daughter. I dressed them both in matching pink and brown outfits.

It only sounds strange. I thought that the end result was charming. Don't you?

Phillip said it was really cute to see all those dad on the dance floor, some with several daughters. Ivy thought the music was way too loud, and was too intimidated by the volume to dance much.

"But was it fun?" I asked.

"A little bit fun," she said. "...and a lot of boring."



  1. They look so cute!

    My daughter went to a father/daughter dance last night. I tried to get them to match, but the husband wouldn't go for it.

  2. Thanks! I am just lucky my husband allowed it... For some reason husbands and cats generally hate for someone to dress them! :)

  3. Hi! I am a new{ish} mom, a new blogger and also live in Vegas. Sometimes finding stuff to do with the fam bam out here is hard, but I am super excited to have found your site! The Daddy Daughter dance looks so adorable! My Hubby would have totally let me dress him too. Gotta love it.


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