Ding Dong, the Kid is in Bed!

At. Last.

Violet is asleep.

I am sitting here with a mug of Mexican hot chocolate, feeling like my head is all floaty and light, like a hot air balloon... and feeling relieved. Today has been one of the most challenging days in recent history. While battling Evil Germ, I have also been battling Fussy Toddler, which as all moms know is one of the most difficult things to do - period.

I had to take Violet to the doctor to get a steroid shot. While we sat in the waiting room, I suddenly felt like I was fading away. The "darkness" started to encroach but I fought it off and took a few deep breaths. Maybe it was the long nights keeping vigil over the girls' breathing, combined with my own illness. But it was touch and go for a while there, and all I could think of was how utterly stupid and inconvenient it would be if I fainted.

Once we were in the exam room I warned the man-nurse that I may not be conscious much longer. "If I pass out, here is my cell phone on this counter top. My husband's number can be found under 'Beast'." Man-nurse laughed at my term for Phillip, but kindly asked if he could turn the AC down or perhaps bring me a sip of Pedialyte. To make a long story short, the cold air and 2 glasses of ice cold water seemed to help. By the time we left I sort of had my head back on my shoulders, so I felt ok about driving. Violet got a shot for her croup, and I am glad that is all the treatment anyone needed. Also, I was super glad I didn't have to drink Pedialyte. Because ew.

After we got home Violet napped, but she awoke in an awful temper. Every 5 minutes had her demanding a popsicle, and if I said no she would throw a fit and wail and flail. It was completely out of character for her. Any little thing was making her cry. She spent the entire rest of the day alternating between crying and pouting. 5 minutes pout, 5 minutes cry. Over and over and over again.

So as you can imagine, I am beyond relieved to have her be soundly asleep. Her breathing has improved, sleep is restoring her and tomorrow is another day.

I will leave you with this image of Violet, from this post. Back then the joke was about her hating water. Today we can take this picture a little more literally. And tomorrow I hope to have my funny, goofy, sweet little doll back.


  1. Yuck. I hate days like that. I am glad you made it through and pray tomorrow will be better. Glad you stayed concious at the doctor's office.

  2. Yeah, how awkward would it have been for me to try to fit on the kid-sized exam table if I had passed out!


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