Baby Talk

Let's talk babies. Why? Because I have one. In my belly. I mean there is another human being in there, how weird is that! And since I said person is just chillin' in utero, I want to talk about it. It might be boring, but too bad. You are going to have to bear the baby talk for the next several months/years - and you are just lucky I have not drowned you in baby talk before this. 

Let's start the baby-talk kickoff with a shout out to my doula. Doula, yo! What up! I am happy I hired you!

Her name is Mandie and she is a Hypnobirthing instructor. Hypnobirthing is a self-hypnosis method of dealing with labor. When I first took the class I was preggers with Ivy, and expected my labor to be totally au naturel. This was a cosmic joke because in the end I had a scheduled C section. Ha ha, sooo hilarious, God.

With Violet, I did try a home VBAC but had pretty much forgotten all about Hypno, and anyway I had no doula to help me through it. 34 hours of back labor and in the end it was another C section for me.

This time around, I am attempting another VBAC, only I will be at the hospital this time. And I am thinking the epidural will be first on my list when I get there. So I will have an epidural and a doula on my side - I will be unstoppable. I am going to birth this sucker like a champ!

And I not only have a doula, I have the mother of all doulas - a Hypnobirthing instructor doula! So I am feeling really good about going into labor with her. I know she is going to take care of me and it gives me peace of mind. She is also Catholic, which helps because I want to incorporate my faith into the labor - I think it will help me deal with everything.

I am excited that the time is drawing ever nearer (October 25th) ... because I want to hold my baby in my arms, but let's be realistic - its also because I am sick of summer and cannot wait for the cool weather to arrive.

What? I'm keepin' it real.


  1. Hi! I'm very interested in hypnobirthing and an also hoping to find a Catholic doula! Would you mind to email me Mandie's contact information? Thank you!!!

  2. Hi I'll email you... And btw, she was my doula for babies #3, and #4 and I birthed them both naturally, woohoo! ;)


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