What Am I Teaching Them??

Here are a couple of slices of our life today. Judge accordingly.

Ivy: Mom, I want a bug vacuum for Christmas.
Me: Ok, maybe we can do that.
Ivy: But I want a kid size one, not a big one. I want to catch bugs.
Me: Ok that's fine. But you know, you have to let the bugs go when you are done studying them.
Ivy: Why?
Me: Because you can't keep them, they like to be outside. If you keep them in there they'll die.
Violet (suddenly interested): Like Abuelita? She died, right?
Me: Yes... she did.
Ivy: So is that what happened to Abuelita? Did someone not let her out of a container?


Ivy is curious about the Civil War. She has been asking a lot of questions about it because we have several Civil War history books with old pictures and illustrations. She has been asking for days about what the different pictures mean. Today she asked me about the people fighting and I explained it as simply as I could.

She decided it would be fun to make Violet play Civil War with her. She was going to be the North and she was going to make Violet be the South. She pretended to "shoot" Violet using a flashlight (turning the light on was the shooting), but Violet was not cooperating by falling dead. So Ivy changed the game and went into this scenario:

Ivy: Hey, you wanna be a slave?
Violet (enthusiastically): Yeah, I do!
Ivy: You have to get a basket and pick cotton. And then you have to come over here, we have to give away your children.
Me (trying to redirect them): Ivy, can you please help Violet get dressed, we need to leave for my doctor's appointment.
Knowing they like to play mommy and baby, I add: Go dress your "baby", Ivy!
Ivy (stage whispering): I'm just going to dress her and then I'll give her away.
Ivy proceeds to dress Violet, who is resisting, and says: I'm sorry, but being a slave is hard!
Violet: You have to drag me.
Ivy (cheerfully): There! I'm ready to sell my girl.

It may or may not be time to put some of our books on the higher shelves.


Violet: If I find a cockwoach that's cute, I'll pick him and give him a kiss. Then I can share my cookies with him, because I think cockwoaches like cookies. Then we can cuddle, and he can sleep in my bed.

Good luck finding a cute cucaracha, kid.


  1. Just walk out in my yard in the evening - you can find hundreds of roaches (which she would probably find cute). Best choice: pick some of the dead ones, they won't run away.

  2. LOL... yeah the dead ones are probably best. And anyway I think she is open to cockroaches because she has only seen dead ones. It would be different if she saw them scurrying by!


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