Oh So Awkward

Now that the baby is out, and I am no longer pregnant, I am faced with that awkward postpartum phase.

I just got done being extremely pregnant and my body is trying to adjust - but my belly is still very distended. This means I do not fit in my regular clothes yet. This leaves me with really only one choice: maternity clothes. But I am not pregnant anymore. And the thing about maternity wear is that is emphasizes the round belly. So I am now in that awkward phase, where I am not pregnant anymore but I only fit into pregnancy clothes.

I am that woman that people unthinkingly ask, "Oh, when are you due?" only to realize I have a baby in the stroller and there is no way possible I am actually pregnant.

And its oh, so awkward!


  1. I put on a full body corset immediately after giving birth lol. It really helps, the first time I put it on, my husband has to snap me in while I hang on to the bed railings, but after a couple of days I'm already able to do it myself. The last time I only needed it for about a month before I was the size I should be.


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