I'm Baaa-aaack!

It has been just over a year since I last blogged. I am pretty sure not a soul reads this blog anymore, because the number one killer of blogs is the lack of consistent posts. But I happened to look back on some of my old posts and realized this is almost like a diary, and so maybe I should start it up again.

In the last year a lot has happened. Actually, one really big thing happened. My first boy has been successfully birthed, for example. See here.

How cute is he?? His blanket also matches this blog, so that's neat. He is a Phillip, Jr. and we call him PJ for short. Its odd that when the pediatrician's office calls, they say, "Is this Phillip's mom?" What! Phillip is my husband! You're weirding me out right now, pediatrician. Oh, wait... that is my son's name, too.

Now that I have a fourth baby the first thing strangers ask me is "So are you done now?" What they are really asking is, "What is the future state of your uterus, ma'am?"

And how do you answer such a personal question? Do I say yes, no, or mind yo' bidness!

"Yes" is the answer they want to year. "Mind your own beeswax" is what I want to say. But "Heck no, I am just getting warmed up!" is the best option because it seems to really freak people out. And I kinda love that.

So, maybe I'll try to keep posting here regularly again even if only my mommy reads it. And then someday I can turn this thing into a blog book for my kids, woo hoo!


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