How to Shop at Costco - Part 1

I have something important to tell you. I have been pushed over a precipice .

You may recall a little blog post some time ago about Costco and how I'm being pushed to shop there. If you haven't read it yet, catch up here: Costco Pusher.

Well, the time has finally come. I have been pushed, and pushed, and pushed.... slowly, but surely, towards the Costco precipice. And, finally, right off of it.

So. How did this happen? When last you saw me in this Costco saga I was resisting with all my might.  But at some point I stopped resisting so hard. This was a fatal error on my part. It seems that my first mistake was admitting to my my mom and sister that with my growing family that perhaps it made sense for me to start making larger scale purchases at some point in the far off future (like, on my deathbed).

My second mistake was allowing my mom to buy some stuff at Costco for me.

And my third mistake was Christmas. Oh wait, that one was not my fault.

What did these mistakes get me? A Costco membership. You see, my dear sister very kindly got me a Costco membership for my Christmas. Nothing says, "I love Baby Jesus!" quite like a Costco membership. Am I right?

Just as I accuse my sister of being a Coscto pusher, she accuses me of being a Weight Watchers pusher (I love Weight Watchers and credit my weight loss successes to the program and always share tidbits from my meetings with anyone who will listen). So I tried to repay the favor of a Costco membership.

But I guess it didn't go over too well.

So now I have the dreaded Costco membership. I'm officially being pushed over the edge!!!

Part 2: The Visit


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