Is My Daughter a Sociopath? Part I

My darling little daughter, Violet, has always been rather... well, violent, to be honest. Which is ironic, because when she was born, both of my parents objected to the name because it sounded way too close to the word violent (in English and in Spanish).

Sure enough, from the time she had control over her arms, she was violent. She would do something I called a "face tear". From her cozy little spot in my Sleepy Wrap sling she would reach out an arm and making a claw hand she would use her tiny, sharp little baby nails to scratch my face when I least expected it.

She would seem to be snoozing peacefully, begin to stir, and out came the Claw of Death. FACE TEAR!

She would be done nursing, I would sit her up to burp her, and FACE TEAR!

I would nuzzle her soft, fragrant little face in the mornings, pull back a little to gaze lovingly upon her, and BAM. FACE TEAR!

I'm not going to lie, I bled. And it hurt - mostly in my tender little mommy heart, that my own child would hurt me.

And the trend did not stop there. The older she got, the easier it was for her to hurt others. Especially Ivy. And poor Ivy, she is not a fighter. Violet will hit her, scratch her, push her, and bite her - most recently in a major biting incident that left marks and nearly broke through Ivy's skin. Many times the attacks are unprovoked from what I can tell. The biting incident was triggered by Ivy putting away her toys. She wasn't even interacting or fighting with Violet. Violet just takes it upon herself to seek and destroy. And Ivy never, ever fights back. Ever.

Violet just doesn't seem to care. So naturally, I start to think maybe she is a sociopath-in-training. Surely, she would be moving to killing small animals soon, I thought to myself. And then 11-12 years from now when she is a strong and especially conniving teenager, she is totally going to bump me and Phillip off.

How do I fix this? How do I find out if she is really a sociopath??

"...I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

Stay tuned for Part II, where I find out the truth about Violet!


  1. i hope you'll be sharing the psycho test with us! my oldest just got his first yucky video game (violent), so i'm ready for the neighborhood cats to start going missing any minute now.

  2. LOL, yes I have a foolproof test that I will sharing with you soon!! :)

  3. What? what's next? What's the truth? The suspense is killing me!!! How long do we have to wait to learn the truth about Violet? ****tatan-tatan (suspense music)****


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