Time for Shopping and Fabulosity

Guess what?

I am going shopping.

So what?

SO, I am going shopping at the As They Grow event!!

Ah, yes, that takes on new meaning, doesn't it? Did you brave the insanity last year? And by insanity I mean the AWESOMENESS.

Insane = awesome, because it is a known equation that any time you combine extremely low prices with incredibly unique finds (that normally cost way too much money) then you have mom cat fights, skirmishes, and all-out brawls. That is the insane part. But the awesome part is that at the end of it all, everyone still manages to come away with treasures for their child's bedroom or wardrobe.

And I am one of the lucky few to get to shop the Pre-Sale on Wednesday evening. Why? Because I am volunteering my time, my delectable writing skills, and blog coverage. I wrote the inside scoop on shopping and consigning with As They Grow for AOL City's Best, so read it and if you are not shopping the Pre-Sale, then weep.

I'm kidding, please don't cry. Last year I shopped with the general public and I still found numerous treasures, like a brand new Gymboree riding jacket for $7, for example. So even if you get in with the hoi polloi you will still get to be a part of something pretty fabulous.

It has to be experienced to be understood. So I would recommend that every parent in Vegas who reads this blog take a trip down there this weekend to see why I am so excited about the whole thing. Do it.

Do. It.

The only thing you will regret is not going. Trust me.


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