I Was Not Raptured

I realize that I have been more than a little lax in my postings lately. I still insist upon my pregnancy excuse. I also insist everyone who reads this blog be understanding and love me anyway, and still come to my blog and re-read everything I ever wrote, because I am hilarious and entertaining. And who would not want to re-read everything I write anyway?

That said, I wanted to check in and let everyone know that I was not raptured at the appointed time. Granted, neither was anyone else. But since I am extra uber special, I figured I should personally let everyone know that I was, in fact, not raptured either.

So, what's new with me, you ask? Other than my continually expanding belly (to the point where people look shocked when I say I am not due until October), not much is new - which explains my lack of new posts.

I will, however, tell you that I'm finding out whether Number 3 is a boy or girl just one week from today. This is exciting news for many reasons, not the least of which is that I get to finally start narrowing down the name selection.

So far for a girl I am thinking either Helga, Petunia (matches Ivy and Violet), Bambi, or Gretchen (was there a Garbage Pail Kid in the 80's called Retchin' Gretchen??) ... Oh yeah, there was - here it is:

And for a boy, how about: Bob, Cornelius, Basil (again, plant theme!), Barnabas, or Angus.
Or Macgyver. I'm just sayin'.

What say you?


  1. Since I know you're joking (and I'm 90% sure you are) I have no opinion on the names :) HOWEVER, I do have an opinion about your lack of posting - personally, having never been pregnant, I feel 100% OK with saying "SUCK IT UP PREGGERS!" ;) ... Of course I am 99.9% kidding - I just miss reading all your fun and witty blog entries :p

    Also, I've been doing a lot of research for my administrative credential and therefore, 98.6% of my day to day conversation has been ruled by percentages ... at least that's what my research shows.

  2. You are 99.999% correct about me joking regarding the names, and I am 100% entertained by your percentages, LOL...

  3. you are correct and super hilarious on every count! Fads

  4. I choose Bambi or Basil. And, in case you discover twins next week --- both! This will work for boy-girl twins or girl-girl twins, but I don't recommend trying to get Bambi to work for a boy. If it's boy-boy twins, then Basil and Bartholomew (for your plant theme and for the apostle).

  5. stick with the plant theme. i actually think basil is really cute- if you were british.

  6. If I used the name Basil I would have to neglect his teeth so he could be more british muahahaha.... no offense, my brit friends - u know i love you! xoxo :)

  7. For the record, I was not raptured either...Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the Bible clearly state that ONLY God the Father knows when The Rapture will happen?

    On another note, I am 100% entertained by your blogging!

    Further, I'm gonna throw some curve balls (2, to be precise) into your naming mix: Grant (boy) and Rosemary (obviously, girl).

  8. Hm, I like your suggestions, Edgar! PS - I am glad you weren't raptured either (yet). ;)


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