"It" Was Bound to Happen

"It" happens to every toddler, eventually. I guess I just didn't expect "it" from my well-behaved 4 year old. Eventually, every kid who knows how to weild a pair of scissors gets the brilliant idea that they should give themselves a haircut.

Yesterday, while I was being Mother of the Year (again), i.e., napping (it was only 10 minutes, I swear!!) Ivy took the scissors and CHOP CHOP CHOP. She came running into the room, eyes gleaming with excitement. "Do you even recognize me, Mom???"

"Of course I recognize you... why?"

"Because, I cut my hair!"

"What?!?" I rubbed my bleary eyes and noticed that she had indeed cut her bangs.

"Why would you do that??"

"My hair was in my eyes."

"Well the why didn't you get a hair clip???"

She had no answer.

Actually, I wasn't mad - she did a fantastic job of it, and I think she may be a future hair dresser. When I saw the chunks of hair in the trash can I wanted to laugh. Even though she may have cut her own hair, leave it to her to clean up after herself.

Fortunately, it wasn't like this:

It was more like this:

Except less Asian, natch.

One thing did seem particularly odd to me though... pieces of tape stuck to some of the chunks of hair. I found out later that it was because she tried to tape her hair back on, but she was disappointed to find that it just didn't stick!


  1. Too funny!!! I'm sure she can totally rock the bangs too :)

  2. Yeah, she is totally rockin' the bangs! She looks adorable, actually.. :)


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