Chore Chart Drawings - The Next Set

Here is the next set of my chore chart drawings. Here is the first set. Today's set includes mostly mommy and daddy chores.

Here is daddy taking out the trash - it's my fave one so far.

He likes to relax in this outfit when he gets home from work.
And here is a sheet for the rest of them. For the mom/dad chores they are more obvious and plus I know how to read, so the depictions for us are minimal and some have words. The chores are: Menu planning, sweep kitchen, do laundry, wash dishes, set the table (kid chore), and the upper right picture is "pick up after yourself when you get home from work" (dad chore).

If you are making your own chore chart like me, I suggest printing them on a pretty color, laminating them and using velcro to stick them to your poster board chart. Since my kids cannot read yet, I am putting a picture of each family member at the top of the poster board, and the pertaining chores go under the picture of each child or family member. When the kids are done they can take off the cards and put them in a wall-mounted envelope or basket or wherever is easiest for them to reach. I hope these will be as useful to you as they are to me!


  1. That chart reminded me that my princess dress is at the cleaners.

  2. They are perfect! I only would ad subtitles for the children to start recognizing the words. (ncl)

  3. These are FANTASTIC! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)


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