Fetch Me My Fainting Couch

Do you hear that sputtering sound? That is the sound of my engine running out of energy and fizzling out. I am not talking about my car. I am talking about my body. And how it is not yet 10am and I am already done.

Last night I woke up at 5am to use the bathroom for the 4th time, and when I got back to bed I simply could not fall back asleep. My brain got to thinking (stupid brain, of all the nerve!) about the things I have to get done this week. For those of you who only know me for pretends on this blog and not for reals, I should tell you that I am going to be homeschooling Ivy starting on August 29th.

So I have been busily putting together all my supplies and writing a basic Spanish and a basic Music curriculum to supplement the Catholic Heritage curriculum I already bought. I am sure there must be something out there for young kids in those topics, but since she already understands Spanish and is really flighty about Music, I figured I would just start her off where she needs to be and then find a curriculum along the way that fits her level.

The point is, 5am. Brain. Thinking. About homeschool. By the time I fell asleep again, Violet came to pinch me awake. She likes that, the pinching. She was a lobster in her past life. Or a pair of really stunning designer shoes. One of the two.

And now even though it is still early and I have a VERY full day ahead of me, I would very much enjoy a good fainting. Except there is no one here to provide smelling salts and to fan me and give me sips of water while putting a cool compress on my forehead. I want a T-shirt that says "Fetch me my fainting couch"... I saw that online while looking for this image here. Actually, I have always wanted a fainting couch. Make a note of it, family and friends.

How do you get past the energy dips in your life when you really have no choice but to press on? Caffeine is not an answer, that is cheating. Someone please help me. 


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