My Parents Are Made of Gold

My parents are made of gold. And you know how precious gold is these days, right? So you can imagine how precious the two of them are, seeing as how they are well over a valuable few ounces in weight.

They are in town this weekend and are allowing me to completely take advantage of them. One of the special joys in my life is when they come for a visit so that I can completely abrogate my parental responsibilities and make them raise my kids. At least for the weekend.

And what am I doing while they feed, clean up, and entertains my kids?


Seriously, nothing. I might be sitting on the couch while my mom reads to them. One of my girls has to go potty. Instead of getting up and helping them I just call out to my mom from my cozy little spot on the couch, "Maaaa? Can you help herrrr?" And she totally does.

Or maybe I want to go run errands. "Mom, I'll be right back I have to run some errands. It'll take me an hour, max." And I breeze out the door for the next three hours.

And the best part about it is that my mom and dad don't seem to mind at all, not in the slightest. They actually enjoy it. My dad will play with them for hours on end, telling them the same jokes over and over again which they never get tired of hearing.

Sometimes if I become concerned that I am taking too much advantage of them, I check in with a concerned, "Oh, sorry, would you mind? Is it ok?" And my mom will sarcastically respond, "Its suuuuuch dreadful sacrifice, arghhh...." And then she'll give me an impish smile.

Even though it isn't Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Grandparent's Day (wait, is there such a thing?), I have to point out how awesome moms and dads are, especially when they are also grandparents who will spend their entire weekend doing nice things for me so I can get a break.

We may no longer be a moocher in our late teens, but yet when it comes to our parents we all find ways to rediscover the mooch in us. How do you still take advantage of your parents? Don't leave me hanging, because if you say I am the only one taking advantage of my parents then I will know you lie and it will be awkward between us.


  1. You basically just explained the exact same way that I take advantage of my parents...even down to the "oh, are you sure it's okay?" They'd rather hang out with the kids anyway, so it's cool if I'm gone for hours at at time, right?! Then they can spoil them rotten without my interference.

  2. Haha I know that we all do it! I'll do things like ask my mom to get on the computer and see what I'm doing in my college class to find out if it's worth going to. And she does! I love my mom :)


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