What I Wore Sunday: Volume 3

 I am participating again this week in What I Wore Sunday, but only with Ivy this time...because I like what she wore, and we were running a little late so I only had a chance to photograph one other family member before we had to run out the door.

This gray halter top dress is Evan-Picone, and though you cannot see it in the picture, the fabric has a slight sparkle to it.  Because I am not about go to church bare-shouldered, and because its freezing cold, I am also wearing a cardigan from JC Pennies. I think the brand is George and Martha, or some such thing. The shoes, like most in my closet, are ancient. I have had these since I first moved to Vegas in 2004 and they are Nine West.

Truth be told, I am not totally happy with the white cardigan- I feel like a little bolero would be a much better option, and preferably one that is the right shade of pink to go with the shoes. I love pink-gray combos. But one does one's best. Since I am no fashionista, I shall resign myself to making do with this cardigan.

Here is Ivy, in a an off-season spring dress from Janie and Jack. Since the fabric is very light-weight, and it's cold out, I paired it with this peter pan collared long sleeve shirt, also from Janie and Jack.  You can't see the detail in the picture but the collar has a little blue flower embroidered on each side. Those kind of details are one of the very many reason why I adore Janie and Jack. The shoes are Children's Place, and she is also wearing thick white tights for warmth. As I have previously mentioned, I love buying pretty clothes on the cheap. The shirt and dress were both steeply discounted in an after-Christmas sale so it all came out to less than $20.

Participating in this link-up is going to be tough on an ongoing basis - I don't have much nice stuff to wear, I am going to have to start scrounging around the back of my closet for new stuff! Still, it sure does make picking outfits a lot of fun. I am already thinking about what to wear next week! The other thing I am thinking ahead to is that I really ought to put my makeup on before I take pics. I usually put it on in the car. I think it might be time to change that.


  1. I too really like pink and gray together. You look lovely and Ivy looks so so sweet! Her dress is adorable. Way to make it season appropriate!

  2. I love that dress! Very pretty. And since I've been participating in WIWS, I have actually put thought into my Sunday outfit BEFORE time to run out the door! It's fun to think about pairing items in different ways to get "new" outfits!

  3. Don't worry- we don't expect each other to have unlimited closets! That would be crazy! Just get creative and have fun :-) Your cardi totally works, btw- and the peter pan collar peeking out from your daughter's dress is so cute!

  4. I like pink and grey too. But I really like the cardigan you chose with your dress. I think the drape looks nice against the form fitting cut of the dress.

  5. One of my favorite color combos is pink and grey. So feminine! I love it. Your daughter is a real beauty. Her dress is so sweet.

  6. Pink and grey is lovely! Both you and Miss Ivy look just gorgeous! I LOVE Janie and Jack but usually they are way to pricey for us! I have found a few nice Janie and Jack items at consignment sales though. Can't beat the quality and everything they make is so classy!

  7. My first time here and I love your dress!! So pretty. I will have to look around your blog a bit.

  8. I think that cardigan goes well with the dress. I wished I had something long-sleeved this past Sunday! Your daughter's outfit is darling.


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