What I Wore Sunday: Volume 4

Time for What I Wore Sunday again, hosted by Fine Linen and Purple! I am really starting to enjoy this link up, I must say. I just wish I could get my posts up earlier in the day.

The sweater is NY and Co., layered with a white tank for modesty, and the skirt is from a little fashion boutique in San Diego...a boutique run by a self-proclaimed witch. Although the witch tried to convince me that no slip was necessary underneath this very sheer skirt, I really must insist upon one. That is why I can only wear it during cooler months. The extra layer is suffocating in the summertime, which is sad since its very summery-looking.

This scarf was my grandmother's and I thought it paired well with the skirt in terms of color and fabric. However, I am not an accessory person, and I wasn't sure quite how to wear it. So I just slung it around my neck. Anyone have a good suggestion on how to style thing thing??

The shoes are Kenneth Cole and are hands down the most comfortable pair of heels I own.

For protection against this morning's chilly wind, I wore this delicate fine-knit wrap with a tasseled fringe.

Again, I feature Ivy this Sunday because she is always the first to be ready in the mornings, and she also stays still when I try to take her picture.

The dress is consignment, a label called Little Bitty. Actually, the dress is under that coat and is the same fabric...but the coat is really where it's at, so no need to photograph the dress. Shoes are from Target.

And correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't she look a little World War II in, oh, I don't know.... Austria maybe? Yessss, Captain von Trapp! Sir!

I feel like she should be lined up with her siblings in response to a dog whistle.


  1. Google "how to wear a scarf." You'll find all sorts of helpful bits. That scarf is long, so I would probably do the same thing you're sporting. Or I'd fold it in half, drape it around my neck, and loop the loose ends through the folded end. The black and white is really chic together, and your daughter is darling. P.S. Did you get that skirt blessed by a priest? A witch — eek!

    1. I didn't get the skirt blessed but I fervently said the St. Michael prayer in her shop (I didn't realize she was a witch until I was already paying for this and similar skirt in pink), and sprinkled blessed salt around!


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