11 Year Old Grown Ups

I went to the mall today for lunch, because my cupboards are looking rather bare and the things I do have I cannot eat due to the fact that carbs make my blood sugar spike. I could have gone to the grocery store to stock up on real food but that makes far too much sense and is too practical. I will leave it to the June Cleaver sorts to do smart things like grocery shop.

So off the to mall we went, to get irresponsible food for the kids responsible food for me. FYI, I am still hungry. And now I am home again with carbs staring at me in the face. I'm not going to lie, it hurts a little.

Anyway, the point in telling you all this is that I want to make a comment on all those pre-teen girls at the mall, the ones wearing mini-skirts and high heels. What is up with that???

I found myself zoning out on someone's feet, which were clad in wedge heels. Those are cute shoes, I thought to myself. Being a girl and all, and having interest in fashionable things on occasion, I decided to aim the eyeballs upwards to see what outfit one pairs with those shoes. My eyes traveled up the person's bony legs, and saw a fashionable but very short skirt and tank top. But something seemed off. The body type was far too thin and small to be a grown woman. My eyes made it all the way up to the face of the owner of those shoes, and I was shocked to see that the owner of the shoes and mini skirt was an 11 year old girl.

As we walked through the mall, I began noticing more and more of these types. Young girls, many of whom have either not yet hit puberty or were in the first dawn of it, and carrying Victoria's Secret shopping bags.

Why?? Why. These are children. And they are dressing and acting like they are grown ups. What has happened to our society? There are many things I could complain about in regards to our society, but right now I am just going to focus on this one little aspect. Wait, let me climb up onto my soap box for a sec before I launch into this. Ok, here goes.

It says something pretty sad about us as a whole when our children are dressing like adults. Not even just adults - like skanky adults. They wear outfits meant to reveal their bodies for the visual consumption of men. High heels to lengthen their legs and force their bust and their bums to stick out unnaturally. Short skirts to invite to the eye to travel upwards. Tight shirts to reveal what? Bony A-cup chests? And let me just ask - what can these young girls possibly need Victoria's Secret underwear for?? Who is going to see it, anyway? The answer to that is what worries me.

The whole idea of these young girls dressing and acting like sexualized adults has me completely disgusted. They are being indoctrinated by our society to treat their bodies like something entirely common, to be adorned and put on display. To what purpose? Well, follow it to its natural conclusion and you can see that the purpose is to attract men. I would ask where these girls' fathers are, but I actually passed by one bony little child in high heels and a mini skirt who was walking alongside her father.

Maybe some of my readers have children of this age who dress like that. And if you do, please tell me why you allow it. Don't you worry about inappropriate attention from older men? If you buy your daughter Victoria's Secret underwear, can you tell me what purpose that ultimately serves? And don't tell me its confidence building or that it helps with self-esteem, because I am not buying it. Learning to play sports or how to play an instrument builds self-confidence. Beauty and youth are fleeting - so I hope you are not going to tell me that you are pinning your child's self-worth on something that is going to fade. Besides, you can dress very nicely and fashionably without revealing just about every inch of your body.

Maybe I am more sensitive to the darker side of human nature because I live in Sin City and all... but I really cannot think what positive purpose it would serve to allow your daughter to dress in skimpy grown up clothes. Someone enlighten me... please.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I don't get why anyone would let their child out of the house dressed that way. For years I've asked parents this question and they seem to think their daughters look "cute" this way. So...I guess it's just me and you and a handful of people that think that this is completely inappropriate. And you are also right about VS...you buy VS to be seen...not just as underwear. What is sad is how many parents think all of this is okay and that I'm the prude.

  2. I take offense to this post. My daughter is three and I buy her thongs because no three year old should have a panty line. I also get her legs waxed and her hair highlighted.

    Ok, you know me, I am totally joking. I really wish I had the guts to go up to the parents of these kids and ask them why they let their kids dress like that.

    The thing is, it's not necessarily the kids fault. It's the terrible decisions that the parents are making. If they would just put their foot down and not worry so much about being their kids friend then we would have less of this slut-tastic dressing and more girls respecting themselves. I also think we would have a decrease in teen pregnancy.

    However, the KEY to all of this is that parents need to STOP trying to be friends to their kids and START being the parent.

  3. Dixie: You know, if protecting our children's modesty makes us prudes then I am fine with being called a prude!

    Randi: It is totally the parents fault, you are so right. What 11 year old has the money for VS or for that kind of fashion? The answer is that they don't - their parents give it to them!

  4. Great post :) I totally agree! I don't have any kids yet, but there is no way that they are going to be allowed to dress that way. I certainly wasn't and I didn't know any different. I always enjoyed wearing my grandma's handmade dresses that she made me and until I got into high school I honestly didn't know any different! Kids should be allowed to be kids. And (some) parents need to get their s$#t together. Miss you Dre!

  5. Miss you too Edan!! When are you coming back to Vegas for a visit?? I love it that you wore your grandma's hand made dresses, that sounds awesome!

  6. I LOL'd so hard at Randi's. :D

  7. It just makes me sick! along with the "Beauty Pageants" for little girls... well you know what I think of beauty pageants in general!
    Those parents are in the same category as emotional abusers... and it is not just the parents. It is society that celebrates that abuse.
    The predators are predators and don't need provocation, no matter how the girls dress, but society seems to encourage their actions and gives them fodder for their sick minds... and in LV they find even more of what they want.
    (sorry about being so blunt, it really upsets me)


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