New Episode: Sid the Science Kid

I am sure your kids have all seen Sid the Science Kid on PBS by now. If they haven't, well, I find that odd since even my kids have seen and loved it, and they don't watch TV much these days.

I wanted to give you the heads up that there is going to be a new episode airing on Vegas PBS this Monday. It's called "Sid's Backyard Campout". I was invited to hold my own backyard campout and to blog about it, which sounded like so much fun I simply could not pass it up.
So this weekend I am having a backyard camp out of my own for my kids and some of their friends. I'll be posting pictures on Sunday of how it all went, and I just have one thing to say to you: 'Smores.

I know, its hot. But 'Smores defy all seasons, frankly. And if you do not agree then you are probably un-American. You are probably one of "those people" who complain about too much salt in our diets. Besides, I could even skip making a fire and just roast the 'mallows on the pavement.

So check back Sunday night for pictures of our campout shenanigans for ideas in case you want to hold out a backyard campout of your own. Which I don't see why you wouldn't, considering how easy and fun it would be and how much your kids would love you for it!

Here are the details of the episode's air times:

Premier episode: June 20th at 11AM on Vegas PBS 10 and 710 Cox Cable 10.1
Encore broadcasts: June 24th, July 12th, July 27th and August 19th.


  1. Dude, Sid the Science Kid is SO CREEPY. I always change the channel and Henry doesn't get to watch, lol. Maybe THAT makes me unAmerican, I don't know. SO CREEPY. *shivers*


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