Why I Love Las Vegas

A couple of days ago I had the privilege of hanging out most of the day at a poolside cabana at Vdara. It was about 115 degrees outside, but with fans, misters and a private dipping pool for those in the cabanas, it was pretty fantastic. It's on days like this that I suddenly remember that living in Las Vegas has its perks.

The day was arranged to celebrate the birthday of my good friend Naomi, but it may as well have been my birthday, because that is how much I enjoyed myself. Naomi used to be a Christina Aguilera impersonator before she had kids, but she is an incredible singer in her own right. She is one of those women who can wear a bikini top and chaps until they are 5 months pregnant. Which she actually, really, truly did while she was pregnant with her first baby and was still working as an impersonator.

Shout out, Naomi! Happy birthday!

I would post a pic of my chums and I on the day of, but I haven't gotten the pics from my friend Jess, who managed to get all the non-boring shots ... I'll update when I get them!

Over against the back are the private cabanas we stayed in:

This is the pool for people like me who put on too many airs to use the pool that everyone else uses:

We ordered drinks and a tapas-style lunch, which was DELISH. After lunch, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries were sent down to us, soon followed by ice cream. But the best part was the completely decadent strawberry and vanilla cream birthday cake with Naomi's name written on a towering piece of chocolate and sprinkled with gold bits. I am sure there is a fancy name for a cake like that, but I don't know what it is. So I am going to call it the Mouthwatering Strawberry Gold Bits Cake With Specks of Vanilla Beans in the Cream And Everything.

You would expect the food to be amazing quality, and it did not disappoint considering the menu was the creation of Chef Martin Heierling, who is the Executive Chef at Vdara.

This was the view from our cabana:

I loved the big screen tv in the cabana, and the fact that the amenities included water bottles, soda, snacks and this really cool water spritzer thingy - excuse me, I mean "oxygenated water atomizer". It smelled faintly of eucalyptus and money. I didn't discover the water spritzer until it was almost time to leave. I was so enamored of it I had to take it with me.

Is that low-brow and cheap? Well, that is because I am the descendant of Castillians and I grew up in East LA. Anyone who knows about Castillians or East LA knows what I am talking about. It's a deadly combination. I frequently do things like make sun quesadillas instead of Sun Tea and refer to helicopters as Ghetto Birds. So this kind of behavior is to be expected, really.

But here, I took a picture of it against the backdrop of my expensive Kate Spade purse so I can pretend that it is cool to snag "atomizers" out of private pool cabanas.


  1. Sounds super fun! I've decided that's what I want to do for my next birthday and/or any day of the week, whichever happens first :)

  2. Sounds way fun!!! How glamorous is that?

  3. Laura, maybe we can manage a cabana day when you come up???

  4. Wow! I've lived in Las Vegas for 12 years combined and have yet to experience anything like that. I should take lessons from you on how to live it up in Vegas :-)


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