Sun Quesadillas

Some people make Sun Tea. Usually, they are super fancy and like to drink liquids while holding their pinky up and wearing their monacle. But that's not me. I make tea all regular-like, with water that you boil on a regular stove and stuff. Now, don't get me wrong - I really love fancy tea parties. And I have been known to don a monacle or two in my day.

But when it comes to making things that will cook in the sun, I make Sun Quesadillas. We went swimming today, and I knew that lunchtime would come right in the middle of it. So I put together some quesadillas, wrapped them up in foil and set them by the pool to melt. When we were ready to eat, we just came out of the pool and had our delicious, melted, gooey, sun quesadillas. I am ghetto like that.

This just goes to show that you can take a girl out of the barrio but you can't take the barrio out of the girl. I'm kidding. I never made sun quesadillas when I lived in East L.A. I did, however, overpluck my eyebrows and wear brick red lipstick.

I'm kidding, I didn't do that either.


  1. That's pretty awesome, ghetto fo sho, but awesome!

  2. LOL. what a great idea! usually i try and keep our foods cold when we're out swimming or at the park, it never occured to me to pack something to eat hot. thanks!

  3. GREAT IDEA! It is said that you can fry eggs in La Vegas sun but I never heard of anyone using the concept.
    This is triggering a lot of ideas: sun dogs, sun omelets, sun veggies... the possibilities are endless, ghetto or no ghetto... and... why do you thing this is ghetto? It is forward thinking!

  4. Hey LVM, Thanks for stopping my blog and paying such nice compliments on my paintings! That was very kind of you!

    Looks like you have a couple of little masterpieces in your own household! :)


  5. that is one hot picture, not just the sun tortillas. I wish I would've done a picture like that, when I looked good back in 1801.

  6. Dude, you totally plucked your eyebrows too thin (and I wore the hideous lipstick)! hee hee I ratted you out. HA! For everyone who's wondering, I'm Las Vegas Mama's little sister. And to be 'ratted out' means I 'told on her'. LOL Love you sis!! :) :)


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