It's a Dad's Life

I love YouTube videos that capture parenthood in really funny ways. Here is a great one that I saw on Princess of Sarcasm (which by the way is a very funny blog you should definitely check out).

This is called "Its a Dad's Life".

While I am on the topic of Dads, I have to apologize for not putting up a Father's Day post. I was in the midst of being with my Abuelita during her last days on earth. But Dads have such a crucial part to play in the raising of kids that I need to add a little something now about what makes my husband a particularly amazing dad:

He teaches them the Chicken Dance
He plays Thumb Wars with them... and lets them win
He plays Pixie Hollow with them online
He protects and comforts them when they are scared
He makes them laugh
He prays with them
He dances with them
He teaches them about repairing stuff
He reads them stories before bed time
He throws them up in the air and onto soft surfaces

Here is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Phillip and Ivy:

See what I mean about being a great dad?


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