Cows, Monsters and Caterpillars

This is about to be a seriously random post. But I don't care, 'cause I'm just livin' la vida loca and that's how I roll. So let me take this point by point.


Earlier this week I put on my old bathing suit from last season because I was lending my "real" suit to my BFF so we could swim, because she didn't bring one with her.

This is what the top looks like (the rest is black):

When Ivy saw it, she blurted out, "Mom! You look like a COW!!"  Thanks, kid. I know you meant that as a compliment. In my defense, I bought it off season and I was desperate for a suit. I hated it but what could I do? But the lesson has been learned - no animal prints unless you want to be called that animal by your 3 year old. Especially no more cow prints. Ever.


Yesterday, during Violet's nap Ivy suddenly came running to me and hid her face saying she was scared. I asked her why and she quiveringly said, "Monsters!" I asked her where, and she turned fearfully to point at something just out of my view in the other room. I walked over to find this little monster just standing there, holding some shoes and being creepy:


I guess I should mention that this is how she often looks when she first wakes from a nap.


I am so accustomed to interpreting what the girls say that I have started "hearing" their words correctly. Even though Ivy mispronounces lots of things, I just suddenly noticed what she really said the other day when trying to say "caterpillar". She said "callow-pittah".

I don't know why it struck me as particularly cute, but I cannot stand how adorable it is when she says callow-pittah. I am going to start listening more carefully to what she says. I don't know why anyone should care about this particular detail but I have to document it for posterity, so you are now paying the price by reading this section of randomness. 30 seconds of your life you will never get back. Disculpe!*

* This is your word of the day. It means "Sorry" in Spanish. I figure if you at least learn a little bit of a foreign language that would redeem the pointlessness of the callow-pittah section of this post. 


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