"IT" is Has Happened...

... the "THING" all Las Vegans dread. The thing that I have lived in fear of since moving here in 2004. The thing that I could not even directly think of, because it scared me so much that I had to think around it.

Our air conditioning is broken.

It is 110 degrees outside. And we have no AC in our house. And I do not handle the heat well at all. I get really pink in the face. And angry. Pink and angry. Not a good combination.

I called a repair company and they flaked out. I called another company and they said they will come tonight. Hallelujah. What are the odds that we can have it repaired by tomorrow morning? Probably not good,  and even though this is Vegas, I am not going to take that bet.

My face is going to melt off tomorrow. I am pretty sure of that. Oh well, we had a good run, face. Now you will be a little puddle of goo. At least your kids will still love you, even if they can no longer kiss you because you have the consistency of a warm chocolate shake.


  1. Ugghhh!!! That is one of my worst fears! It is bad enough when it is just you...but running around after 2 little ones too! You poor thing! I hope it gets fixed! In the meantime, see how much time you can spend in the pool...dinner, TV...get creative!

  2. Ack, I hope someone fixes it quickly!

  3. ERghhh....that has happened to me. There's a big empty house on the other side of town. Feel free to use it as a refuge. XO

  4. Ew. Cold showers, cold drinks --- and spend the night at someone else's house.

    Is it fixed yet?

  5. yumm... chocolate shake... mmmmm
    sorry, what that out loud?


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