That's Vegas, Baby!

So this morning we discovered that one of my plants was crawling with ants because they all came streaming out of the pot when we tried to water it. So, the logical solution would be to put the plant outside so the ants could leave.

Out went the plant.

Fast forward 4 hours later when I came home from the girls' ballet class.

All the ants were gone, as expected.

And this is what happened to the plant:

 Do you need a close-up of my once-thriving plant?

 The leaves are burnt to a crisp!

And that, my friends, is what 4 hours in the Las Vegas sun will do to living things.

I am considering circulating a petition to have summer officially rescinded.


  1. Well, it sounded like a good plan to me.

  2. I might sign that petition!

  3. lol. Poor wittle howse pwant. You could prune the dead leaves, leave the one remaining (lol) and water the heck out of it. That seriously should revive it! Oh, you didn't know? I'm a plant expert.

  4. I imagine that the ants were all roasted, unless there were a few wearing fire protection and escaped back into the AC!
    Sara is right, you can still save it and next time place the plant in a dish of water, so the ants can't get to it... well... they could build a bridge and then you are doomed.


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