5 Muppets and a Chilly Snowflake

The air conditioning company we used to solve our tragic situation is called ARA Heating & A/C, Inc.

They are an amazing, wonderful, professional company. When I called, desperately begging for help, the receptionist was so kind. She said, "Let me get a hold of the technician on call, and I will call you back in 5". She totally called me back in 5 like she said she would. That may not seem like much, but compared to the first call I made to an AC company it was night and day. (By the way, they are called AC Las Vegas Heating and Cooling, and they are FLAKES so never, ever call them!)

She called me back and said, "He will be over between 7 and 8pm, and he will call you when he is on his way). I felt like this:

When he (his name is Tim) showed up in a professional truck with the company logo and a name badge, I was especially pleased. He was polite and respectful of our home. He invited Phillip up on the roof with him to show him exactly what was wrong with the AC. He pulled out a laminated price list which included labor cost in the price.

Tim reeked of simple honesty and professional competence. He smelled like this:

He stayed until after 10pm, fixing our AC. When he was done, he came in and I said, "Gosh, that must have sucked, being up there in the heat." And do you know what he said to me? He slowly said, "Aw, there are worse places to be than up on a roof." He spoke slowly because he was Hawaiian, and he had the Aloha spirit. This is what the Aloha spirit looks like:

Pretty, ain't it?

So just a couple hours after starting to work on the AC, it was back! Tim is a genius and a philanthropist. I say philanthropist because it had to have been pure charity and kindness that brought him to our wretched door last night. ARA has someone on call 24/7. They will come out whenever you need them. You can even schedule a visit online.

Phillip also asked him if we were going to need a new AC unit, and Tim said, "Nah...this one is still good, we just need to fix these parts." No upselling, nothing. Just simple and straightforward honesty.

When the AC kicked on again, it really was like a miracle in the desert. I felt like this:

And so, my friend, I give ARA Heating & A/C, Inc. 5 enthusiastically frozen muppets:

 And a chilly snowflake:

If "IT" ever happens to you, don't waste any time... just call them!!


  1. I so appreciate referrals like this. Customer service means the world, I tell you. Often, I'm so thrilled with good service I write letters to the company to thank them profusely.
    SO glad you found them and that your air is back!


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