Bumping Off Your Mother-In-Law, Vegas-Style

My parents came into town this weekend, which of course means I get a serious, major, huge, grande, fabulous, loco en la cabeza break from mothering.

My mom, whom the girls call "Iaia" (which is Catalan for Grandma, pronounced "yaya"), is pretty much ME, only 30 years older. She is the closest thing to a substitute for me as can possibly exist. The girls will actually go to her if they get a boo boo, or if they are upset about something. Normally, I am the only one who can comfort them in those moments. But she is very nurturing and will do whatever it takes to calm them down when they are upset, rather than just hand them back to me. I love that about her.

My dad, whom they call Abuelo (Spanish for Grandpa), is a seriously fun dude...because he is funny, and knows how to distract them if they seem like they are about to get upset. He does the silly dances, tells them silly stories, and sings them silly songs. He will spend hours playing games with them, which they adore.

Their presence here explains why I haven't really posted much these last 2 days. I have been so busy ignoring the kids and doing whatever I want to do that I just haven't been in the writing mood. Still, I will give you one little tidbit from dinner last night.

Phillip masterfully killed a fly that was buzzing around and was freaking Ivy out. This was going much better than the last time he tried to kill a fly. "Ha!" he said triumphantly. "See? I got it. Is there anything else I can kill for you?"

"Nah," she said to him offhandedly. "Not right now. But maybe in a little bit you can kill Iaia."

((Insert mother-in-law joke here))


  1. Dude, why is Ivy trying to off my Mom??? :)

  2. I am jealous of your mommy break! My mom just told me they're not coming this weekend (boo). I was so looking forward to sleeping in!


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