The Barbarian Feast

At dinner last night, after I had cleared away Violet's plate she started enthusiastically attacking the food in the serving bowls. She grabbed fistfuls of corn kernels and shoved them in her mouth.

"Guuummmph," she grunted happily.

Then she lifted the lid off the pot of mashed potatoes, peered inside and noisily expelled a breath thus jettisoning a corn kernel into the pot. She shamelessly reached in with the serving spoon and shoveled potatoes into her mouth. More satisfied grunts with her mouth stuffed full. She was clearly enjoying herself.

Her reckless and delighted way of plundering the food made her look like a barbarian so much we had to laugh. We quickly snapped a photo of her so you could see.


  1. She's the cutest plunderer I've ever seen. Does she rape and pillage communities as well? I do like a good raping and pillaging fest.

  2. Are you at all worried about the knuckle hair at her age?


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