Play Date at McCarran Airport, Anyone?

I have temporarily escaped the home bubble because Phillip is working from home until the AC at work is fixed (they should have just called ARA, but whatever!)

We were going to the mall, but Violet fell asleep immediately and I needed to let her sleep a little so I could avoid the mallrums*.

So what's a mom to do? In a stroke of blinding genius, I drove over to McCarran airport and parked in the viewing area so Ivy could watch the planes take off and land. If you tune your radio to 101.1 FM you can also listen in to the control tower.

We sat in the car with the air running (because I care more about avoiding heat stroke and mallrums than I do about the environment) until Violet woke up. Ivy bounced around in the front seat while we watched and she was very excited to see the planes up close. Here is the view from my car:

Added bonus #1: When Violet woke up she was immediately in a good mood because she also loves planes.

Added bonus #2: Its free.

Added bonus #3: I can sit on my bum and not move.

The downside is that after a short while it gets boring if you are an adult. Still, its a decent summer time-killer, especially when your baby is napping in the back.

The airport viewing area gets:

*Mallrums: Mall tantrums. I made this word up and I own the rights to it.

Curiosity Killed the Cat:  If you are impossibly curious, check out my Muppet Rating System. And for even more lurid fun, please see my original inspiration regarding muppets, and the resulting Muppet Week. Enjoy! (but not too much or I will think you are weird.)


  1. That sounds incredibly exciting. lol I'd never think of that! Too bad our airport is too far away for me to do that! But good idea!

  2. First of all, what an added bonus to see Jesus while you were there!!! Talk about timing!

    Secondly, to deal with the parent-boredom factor, I bring a book! Knitting? Macrame? Toenail polish? Whatever keeps you occupied once the excitement of listening to the control tower wears off.

  3. Monkey and I go here almost every week for a car hood picnic lunch after visiting Grandma. Great way to kill some time. He likes to bring his toy planes and bring them in for a landing along with the real deal.


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