Reason Number 4,312 Why I Love My Husband

Phillip doesn't notice anymore when I buy something new that I am not supposed to be spending money on, and hence does not give me a hard time about it like he used to in the early days of our relationship.

And when he finally does notice and says, "Huh, is that a new shirt?" I am ready with my response, "I have had this forever, I cannot believe you are just noticing it! Seriously? You just noticed?"

And then that disconcerts him enough to knock him off the scent. I know - clever, right??

Now, admittedly I haven't used that line on him in a very, very long time. I wonder if he actually does notice, but I finally just broke his will to live and that is why he doesn't say anything.

Yesterday morning after I had donned my new Target tank top (because I am the absolute pinnacle of fashion and everyone wishes they were me), I made my morning latte as I pondered this blog post. The whole "throw him off the scent" idea made a smile start to creep onto my face, but I quickly tried to mask it with a neutral expression, because frankly it was an unintentional not-for-consumption smile.

From across the kitchen where Phillip sat doing some early morning work on his laptop, he commented, "What was that about? You looked like you were just about to smile."

I was very surprised that he noticed. It means he was watching me make my latte, something perfectly ordinary that happens every day. And in that moment, I felt loved. Although this post was going to be about how I love that he lets me get away with new purchases, in reality reason number 4,312 why I love my husband is that he watches me do ordinary things with attentiveness, and notices even the tiniest emotion make way into my expressions. And I love that about him.


  1. Hi Andrea,
    I've been reading your blog & crack up most of the time because I can totally relate to the madness. I have 2 boys, almost 5 & 17 mos. never a dull moment! I started a kids' consignment sale with 2 other local moms & we would love to invite you to come and check out our next sale being held September 17-19, 2010. we can even give you the VIP tour before we open up to the public. check out our website at Thanks in advance & I hope to hear back from you. My email is - Lisa

  2. Lisa - I just sent you an email about it.

  3. Very sweet. And the bit about throwing him off the scent is brilliant! I like to tell my husband I'm going shopping when he's really into a football game and not paying attention to me. He'll pretty much agree to anything without noticing what I said. Then if he complains I can turn it around on him and how he never listens. Evil... or genius?


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