Why Am I Super Mom...?

 ... Because when either of my kids cry out for me in the middle of the night, I am instantly out of my bed and halfway to their room before I am even awake. By the time I actually get to their bed I am awake, alert, and ready to handle whatever thing caused them to wake up in the first place.

I may not do well in the mornings, and I may not handle lack of sleep too well, but I excel at waking up in the middle of the night.

In fact, some nights I wake up completely spontaneously just to check on them. This makes me Super Mom... at least in my own book!

***This post brought to you by numerous middle of the night wakings by both children last night.***


  1. I lived in Vegas and loved it! I still have family there =) I totally feel your pain about lack of sleep!

    A little late but wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and I am following you right back from Follow Friday!

    Have a great day!

  2. And dad probably slept through it all

  3. Joe... how did you know???? ;)

    Tamara - that is great that you used to live here! Vegas is pretty great and I love it here too!

  4. LOL I'm supermom too except my kiddo is in the bed with me. And why is it that dad's ALWAYS sleep through it?! lol

  5. I'm sure they don't really sleep through but PRETEND like they do! Duh, we (and when I say 'we', I really mean you Awesome Moms out there) fall for it every time! Just like when they "mess up" the laundry to show you they can't do it, and therefore leaving it for you. ha! If only the secret of life were that easy to figure out... :)

  6. ker-AND-uh: my kid is totally in bed, too. Husband ALWAYS sleeps right on through.

  7. Sara! What is that all about! I don't get it! I'm almost tempted to set the screaming babe on his back and see how he reacts. Except he's a weirdo and likes to jump out of bed randomly most nights! lol


  8. This is a fact: All husbands have the ability to close down all their senses when the mother of their children is at hand to handle any and all minor/medium/major emergencies.
    When the mother is unable, absent,or undisposed, all emergencies become MAJOR until super mom gets up from her death bed to take charge.
    Their senses become fully funcional when it is time for their favorite sport or hobby.
    If any husband out there is different, let us know so we can grill you to find out what motivates you and try to apply it to our own.

  9. I would love to use this graphic. Is it yours?


  10. I would love to use this graphic. Is it yours?


    1. I think I found it when searching for free clip art.


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