Attck of the Radioactive Ants... and Friday Follow!

Ok, so this is the first time I have done a blog hop. I am not sure I am doing this correctly but I am going to give it my best. The idea is to be able to find new blogs while allowing others to find your blog.

Check it out at if you would like to join in.

That said, let me now tell you about an attack I suffered this morning. 

We have been having ants wandering in our kitchen lately. I cannot find where they are coming from, and the pest control guy put out ant bait and they are still showing up. 

My theory is that they are nuclear radioactive ants. They are coming from nowhere, which clearly means their genetic makeup must have been altered to allow them to disband their molecules and reassemble them on the inside of my house. (This is Nevada, after all.) 

Secondly, I keep my counter pretty darn clean, so there is nothing for them to eat. This means that they have longer than usual lifespans, which is perfectly in keeping with the characteristics of a radioactively altered ant.

Anyway, I have been sweeping them into the sink to get rid of them. After clearing out all the visible radioactive ants, I sat down to check email, when suddenly I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Movement. It was a radioactive ant, crawling on the rim of my glasses.

Naturally, I immediately think this was part of their plan to take me down for killing their comrades. I jumped up and took off my glass so I could blow the ant off. I tried to. He clung on. I tried again. But I could not get him off! 

Now, keep in mind that I am now blinded by the fact that I do not have my glasses on, and my attention is diverted. I try to shake the little guy off, but you know ants - they have many times their own weight in strength, and when you take into consideration the nature of their altered genetic makeup, this makes for a very powerful ant. 

Suffice it to say that we struggled like this for a while. In the end, Goliath was not taken down, you shall be glad to know! I persevered, and rid myself of the aggressive nuclear ant.  

You officially on notice, nuclear radioactive Nevada Test Site ants! I will persevere!


  1. Ants are the WORST. At our old place we'd have attacks every morning, just crawling around the sink and coming out from behind the dishwasher. NOTHING stopped them (*except winter coming!). Haha, sorry! Good luck!

  2. OMWORD. I would've died a little bit inside at that. Any and all creepy crawlers freak me out.

  3. You're doing it right! And you are too funny! Following!

  4. Cinnamon. Ants HATE cinnamon. Sprinkle it around the edges of your walls and on the counters. Just leave it for a little while and then when you go to clean it up, just try not to clean it ALL up.

    Ants will be gone in less than 5 minutes, and your house will smell nice :)

  5. like i said...died a slow death at the ants. lol i've got something for ya grrrrrl!


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