Tea Party? Heck Yeah. Blogging? Nah...

Since I have been a busy little bee today, what with the little Princess Tea Party I had for a couple of friends and their daughters, I am copping out on any "real" blogging today.

Instead, check out the awesome website Babes in Disneyland to read my perspective and advice for bringing your daughters to the Princess Fantasy Faire at Disneyland. 

For my single kid-less male readers, I think fine dining might be more your speed, yes? Well, I hope so anyway. For you there is my latest article in KNPR's member publication - Desert Companion, pages 75-76... voila!


  1. Interesting what Giovanni is doing. I hope that he is successful.
    To ease the search for the article, when you scroll on the pages it is on pages 77 & 78, they do no correspond to the actual pages in the magazine.


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