Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Success! I have found sugar skulls! Thanks to a friend of mine who gave me the info, I was able to get some sugar skulls for my altar. Where did I find them, you ask? Why, at the Broad Acres Swap Meet of course. It was the first time I had been there, and I was quite impressed by the selection of washing machines and most especially by the diabetic socks. The quantities of diabetic socks was really, really, just... wow. Actually, I thought it was pretty cool how they had nances, elotescacahuates calientes and things like that. It was very Mexico-y. I dig.

One of the stalls featured a ton of religious art, and this is where I found the sugar skulls for just $3 each (about the size of an orange), as well as larger ceramic ones. So the icing was a little crushed, so what! For the price and considering I couldn't find them anywhere else, I'll take it.

It turns out they also had papel picado, and I mean the good kind - with the skulls punched out in cool designs. My ghetto-fabulous papel picado can take a back seat, thanks. I was surprised that it cost $6, but there were about 6 in there and again - I hadn't found it anywhere else, so I bought it.

I am feeling good about my preparations so far. I can't wait to get the whole thing put together. I will have a test run at my church's Moms' Group tomorrow night, so if I get a chance to I will post some pictures of that.


  1. Finally! It's about time that you start posting stuff! I missed it and didn't realized that you were posting again until this morning. You better let people know that you are coming back to life. Keep it up because it's addictive and I don't want through withdrawls again!!!

  2. Love watching the altar come together. And, so... did you buy any diabetic socks? I mean, just because they were there? In great numbers?


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