Vegas Family Events

I have been thinking about my blog lately, and how little I have posted about places in Las Vegas.

When I started out, there were no other blogs that talked about family activities in Vegas (at least none that I knew of), so I felt I was providing good information. But now there are other blogs that talk about family-friendly places, and there is one blog in particular that does such an amazing job of it that there is really no need for my focus to be there any longer.

My recommendation for finding family events and places is Vegas Family Events. They have a fantastic calendar of events and basically everything your little family-oriented heart could desire! I guest posted for them so head over there and read a little more about the upcoming As They Grow event.

Yes, I still want you to read my blog, but you are simply going to have to rely on my sassy writing style for entertainment, and not expect to have too much valuable information come out of it. If you  can afford to waste your hours on Pinterest and Facebook, you can afford to waste a few on my blog too! Sweet.

So...Let's talk about the focus of this blog. I noticed that I seem to be focusing more on party planning, homeschooling, crafting and baking these days. So I have decided that I am just going to let my creativity take hold of the blog for a while. I still don't do those things frequently enough to turn into a craft blog or a party planning blog. But I am just selfish enough to blog about whatever the heck I feel like blogging about! I may still do reviews from time to time or post about local events, but it just isn't going to be my focus.

Sometimes it is going to be about motherhood or kids. Sometimes it is going to be about crafting...or cookies. I guess you can't pigeonhole me anymore. I am a rebel like that. Stay tuned for more. Who knows what I will come up with next!


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