Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

A Very Merry 4th Un-Birthday to my sweet first-born daughter! Let me paint the scene of the party for you. For all you men-folk reading this, and for other people who care nothing for party planning ideas, you can skip down to the actual party photos. For the rest of you who enjoy planning creative parties for your kids, I am giving you all the juicy details. I apologize in advance for the length of this post!

Here is Ivy, the Un-Birthday Girl:

The Menu:

Blueberry Scones
Orange Cranberry Scones
Buttermilk Scones


Tea Sandwiches (made by my husband Phillip):
Roast Beef and Cheddar on Rye
Cucumber with Dill Cream Cheese
Cashew Cranberry Chicken Salad


Brie en Croute with Apricot Walnut Glaze (made by my husband)
Fresh Fruit
Assorted Fancy Cookies (store bought!)

The Cupcakes:
A beautiful assortment from The Cupcakery, our fave cupcake place in town. 
Cupcake toppers were made by Phillip - Vintage Red and Black drawings from the original Lewis Carroll book.

The drinks weren't too exciting. The kids drank pink lemonade from teapots, and the adults got Coke zero and water bottles that said things like "We're All Mad Here!" and "Curiouser and Curiouser!" Here are two other versions:

Are you so, so impressed with the custom water bottle labels? Don't be. I found a cheap DIY custom water label instructional online - and let me share the secret! All you have to do is print out the papers and stick 'em on there using clear packing tape. It could not be easier, but the result is beautiful. For these bottles I used scrapbook paper cut to size, and I printed the words on cream paper.

For the party favors I made personalized boxes with a Lewis Carroll drawing and each little girls' name.

Inside the boxes were a passage from Alice in Wonderland (though I replaced Alice's name in the text with each little girls' name) and a hair bow bearing a colorized image from the book. There were different hair bow colors - black, red, purple, yellow and blue. Each had a different image on it, such as the Duchess, the White Rabbit, Alice, the Mad Hatter, etc. These hair bows were custom made by Francis at Fancy That Hair Accessories. If you haven't yet discovered Fancy That, you need to take a look. She will totally make you a custom accessory too!

And now for the party pictures! The party was at Fairytales & Tutus, which means that it was a ballet class with dress up and tea party. We also had the real Alice in Wonderland come in for a little visit. She danced with the kids, read them stories, and helped serve them tea.

Ivy and Violet meeting Alice for the first time.

Alice reads her story to the kids.

Alice helped Ivy dress up just like her, and made her feel as special as could be.

Alice and Ivy

Pretty ballerina toes

Alice and Violet

During the tea party Alice kept everyone entertained with another story

Blow the candle out, my dear, and make your wish come true!


  1. This might be one of the most adorable birthday ideas I have ever seen! I'm without a doubt in love. The picture with all of them sitting around her with their matching dresses on is seriously killing me with cuteness.

  2. What a lucky girl!! Amazing party and I'm mad impressed with the favors! WOW!

  3. Thanks Stephanie... that one is my favorite!

    Momma McCall, glad you liked the favors! I was so happy about how they turned out, it was worth the work!

  4. Such a beautiful party, Andrea!!! You really outdid yourself. And get your ideas ready, cuz I'm hiring you!! ;-)
    Lucky Little Ivy!!! Such sweet girls you have, my friend!
    Love you!

  5. As an eye witness to this amazing party I was left in awe! It is truly one of the most memorable celebrations I've attended (and I've had 10 years of experience with birthday parties both my own kids and their friends'). Cristabel is still talking about it and SO loves her pretty purple bow. She enjoyed sharing this moment with her little buddies Ivy and Violet :-)

  6. Gosh, thanks Graciela, that is a very nice compliment! I know you have seen a lot of parties in your day, so it means a lot to me that you liked it so much.

    Jessamyn... If you want me to plan a party I would be so honored! I just don't know if I can top the last one. But I tell you what - I sure will try! :)

  7. Great job, Andrea! The pictures are so beautiful! I wish I could have hired Sheryl for Henry's party!!

    The gift boxes are so cute! Aren't you glad it's over? lol

  8. So glad its over, glad! Lol

  9. OK - from the male perspective...


    Everything was OVER THE TOP - the food, the favors, the gifts, and of course, Alice in Wonderland herself, TOTALLY AMAZING!

    I'm sure that Ivy WILL NEVER FORGET this party - she will have beautiful and pleasant dreams for a very long time to come!

    OK - from the MALE perspective!

  10. Edgar, I always appreciate the male perspective, glad that you didn't fall asleep on your keyboard looking at this stuff LOL

  11. Andrea - that was beautiful! I love those boxes! And the water bottles, and the photos....

  12. Everything is soooo wonderful! Now I am even more sorry that I couldn't go... both for not helping you and for missing the party. So much work! I am sure you could have used an extra pair of hands, even if it was to keep the girls busy and out of your hair, and those tea sandwiches... yummy! It is a good thing that I I didn't go, I would've polished them off!

  13. This is really great and nice pics, i like it. Thank you sharing this blog.

  14. i would like to know where you got theses boxes?

  15. To Anonymous - I bought the plain white boxes at Michaels, I think they were only about $1.

  16. I was reading your reality T.V. show post and stumbled upon this blog post. You are so talented and such a fun mom. Loved the theme for this party :)


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