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Remember the ABC Kids Expo? Let me refresh your memory here and here. One of the things that really impressed me was how many interesting and innovative products are out there. And one that really caught my attention was the Baby Hip Hugger by Baby Nari.

You know how some days your baby or toddler flat out refuses to be put down? How no matter what you do or say, they screech like banshees if they are so much as an inch away from you? Well, Baby Hip Hugger can and will rescue you.

The Baby Hip Hugger is a little ledge that fits around your waist which you can use to distribute your toddler's weight more evenly. It was invented by a father who had to tote his little daughter around incessantly. A little light bulb popped on over his head, and the result is this very innovative product. 

The Baby Hip Hugger has been a lifesaver in numerous situations around the house. I even took it with me shopping. I put Ivy in the cart and Violet sat on the Hip Hugger. I made it all the way in and around the store for about 10 minutes before Violet started insisting she wanted to be put down so she could wreak havoc with the displays. At that point I took it off and stowed it in the diaper bag.

Now I do have to be totally straightforward about something. Personally, there are a few drawbacks for me with this product. The pressure on my C-section scar was a bit uncomfortable. Maybe because Violet weighs about a bagazillion pounds. I had to wear it on my side instead of in the front. So if you are a victim of the C-section epidemic, your positioning will be a little limited. Another drawback is that even though it is perfect for shopping when you have to carry a toddler and push a cart at the same time, you then have to remember to pack it, and then you have to cart it around with you if the baby has had enough. And the third issue is that I have a bit of a "tricky" back. Any extra weight or pressure and my lower back starts hurting. If you do not have a delicate back, this will not be an issue. It takes weight off your arms, but adds some to the lower back.

Other than that, if you are not a delicate little orchid like me, I definitely recommend the Baby Hip Hugger as a great solution to help carry a clingy baby for extended periods of time, especially around the house. Once you try it out you are going to want to thank me. And I will be here, waiting for your gratitude. Like a shark waits for baby seals to innocently swim by. Or like something slightly less threatening, but that still has large unhinged jaws with which to consume your gratitude. Wait. Now I just realized I likened myself to both an orchid and a shark in the same paragraph. I guess you will have to decide what I really am. And whether you want to swim a little closer to me. 

Anyway, are you itching to try one out a Hip Hugger for yourself? We have a discount code if you just want to buy one. When you check out enter code "vegasbaby". Or, you can enter to win your own Baby Hip Hugger!  You should follow steps 1 through 3 to enter. The giveaway will end in one week.

1. Follow this blog publicly
2. Like Baby Nari on Facebook
3. Comment on this blog telling me you have completed steps 1 and 2.

Extra entries (please comment after each extra entry telling me you have done so!):

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Leave a comment on Baby Nari's Facebook telling them which color you like best.
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  1. How do I check if I'm a public follower? I have "liked" Nari on my Facebook and as I don't have a twitter account, I just posted a status update to publicize your blog on my Facebook :-)

    I'm not quite at that stage with Holly (obviously) but I was thinking of a friend I saw this weekend in Cali who has a little boy who would totally benefit from the Hip Hugger LOL

  2. Just look over on the right hand column, click on the Follow button, when the box pops up you should be able to see if you are already following :)

  3. The first two are completed :) It looks like an interesting product!

  4. Awesome blog! I've included it on a site I've created, which is a compilation of some of the best blogs in the city.

    Best of Blogs Las Vegas

  5. Congrats Catholic Mommy, YOU WIN!


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