Day One at the ABC Show!

Today was Day One at the ABC Show with Graco. 

First, I have to tell you that the Las Vegas Convention Center is humongo. Second, I have to tell you that Graco's expansive booth was all the way at the end of it. Third, I have to tell you there was a gauntlet of adorable baby products that I had to get through to get to Graco's booth. Words do not describe the amazingness of all the fun baby stuff, so I am going to be posting pics all week to show you the innovative things people are coming up with.

Once I got to the Graco booth, it was totally worth the 1,000 mile trek. They gave me a tour of all their up and coming items. They have a lot of fun new things, and my suspicion is that they have several moms in their back pocket spilling all the really juicy secrets about what we want in a baby product. I think that might be like cheating. But I forgive them, because I am awesome like that. And also, because I want what they came up with.

Among my faves was a baby care set called Zoo Crew.

It's a crew. Of zoo animals. That groom and care for your baby while entertaining them. My little heart went pitter patter when I saw it.

Look at that alligator nail clipper on the left! The mouth has a light inside it, and when the alligator goes CHOMP CHOMP, it eats up those sharp little baby nails. And see over there on the right hand side? It's a salamander medicine dispenser. The salamander's head is the stopper. Love. it.

They are going to be selling 2 different Zoo Crew sets. One is a 10-piece set for $14.99 and the larger one is a 20-piece set for $24.99.

Another of my Graco faves was their Signature Series stroller. Any Graco infant car seat fits in it, and the best part is that the seat is reversible. I know, that probably makes no sense. You cannot compute what that means, because it is so out there. What I am saying is that your kid can face forward like a normal stroller, or it can be turned around to face you, in a cinch. Here is the stroller facing backwards.

There is something about this stroller. Maybe it's just me because I live under a rock, but I hadn't seen something like this before. When they showed me how to turn the seat around, a ray of light broke through the clouds and shone down on it. Do you have any idea what this means? It only means that when I am out shopping and Violet starts to melt down, all I have to do is turn it around to face me and voila! The change is sure to stop her in her tracks. That puts me in my happy place.

So I am going back tomorrow morning with the girls, which should be slightly crazy and fun. Check back tomorrow for more awesome stuff that you have yet to see, and - dare I say it? A GIVEAWAY!!!!


  1. I guess that you didn't have to work out that day... and you were having fun aaand discovering new things! Way to go! You have to do that every week now!


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