Saturday Replay - Slacker Mom Favorites

Welcome to Saturday Replay, where I succumb to my laziness and repost a previous entry! I originally posted this one in June, and I don't think you all appreciated this enough the first time around. I need some comment love. Re-Enjoy!

Slacker Mom Favorites

Favorite bowl or drink cup when all dishes are dirty:

Measuring cups

Favorite kid activity when mommy-energy is depleted:

Dragging out the inflatable and letting them jump on it

Favorite ninja vegetable sneak attack:

Lacing the spaghetti sauce with pureed zucchini

Favorite zero-mess snack:

No such thing as zero mess, moving on

 Favorite sleep substitute:

Double latte, sans foam art

Favorite no-effort kid lunch:

Microwavable chicken fingers and ketchup
What is your slacker mom favorite?


  1. OK - I am NOT a mom.

    HOWEVER, I know this - my baby nephew Christian Mateo, at the tender age of two, has discovered...SPAM and BROWN RICE! YUP! He LOVES IT!

  2. Slacker mom trick# 243. Give kids roll of blue painters tape. Ask them to see how many things they can stick it on. Go lay down...zzzzzzzz :)


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